Take My Hand Uganda
Opening our hands and hearts to vulnerable families in Uganda. Isaiah 58:10
Project Complete!!  Thank You!
Our CLEAN WATER PROJECT is up and running now!  Please go to the Project Page to see all the details!
We will be in need of your help to meet the water and bathing needs while on break from school.   
The image to the left is still where the majority of their water comes from while on break.  IT IS SHARED WITH CATTLE!!!
We also need to build a private bathing location with separate boys and girls areas, and details are coming on that soon also.  Thank You for your continued support.  There are still several children that need sponsors.  Visit here to choose one for you!!
Project Complete!!  Thank You!
is up on the project page here on the TMHU website! 
We are in need of your help to meet the more sensitive needs of the girls in our care and would love to have you visit our PROJECT PAGE to see what it's all about! 
Its exciting to have another opportunity to see how God provides through YOU when a need arises such as this one! Thank you for investing in the lives of these children and youth who would otherwise be likely hungry, hopeless and feeling forgotten. Go HERE to see what you can do!
Project Complete!!  Thank You!
Here's another way you can help!
Choose a child and for $16 you can provide them with a new mattress and footlocker! These are such basics in our world but huge upgrades for these kids. 
The PROJECT PAGE is where its all happening!
Join hands with us!
UPDATE: April 19, 2018

A team of 7 will head to our kids in Uganda on June 5th!  Two board members, Bryan Klinchuch and Eleanor Meyers will be leading that team trip.  They will be checking in on the kids, bringing your packages and letters to them.  They will also be working with Ivan, Fred and Becky (TMHU Ugandan Team) to organize the "Mentorship Program."  All our girls and young women of the kids, will be receiving a new Days For Girl kit for their menses.  We are also hoping to have the new T-shirt design finished soon to unveil to you all soon.  

Stay tuned for information for the :
Days For Girl Fundraiser
T-Shirt Fundraiser

IMPORTANT - TEAM TRIP UPDATE                                                                                                                                                              September 27, 2017

Dear TMHU Sponsors and Supporters,
First, thank you all for your patience, prayers and words of encouragement to Julie Hawbaker and our team as we navigated through the transition of Julie's health concerns and rescheduling the Fall trip. Here's what you all need to know:  

Julie has been scheduled for surgery next month and has rescheduled her trip with her team to October 2018 to accommodate her necessary recovery before she travels.  We will communicate the needs of that trip as it draws closer. 

Team Trip 2017 UPDATE:
Bryan Klinchuch, a board member is traveling with a sponsor November 2nd through the 11th.  While some of the intricate details of the trip are still being worked out we need to get the word out now.  We are in a bit of pinch here to raise some last minute funds to off set the expenses of this trip.  Tickets had already been purchased for the previously scheduled trip and those will carry over for Julie in the spring.  Hopefully some of you can spare a bit here and there to help us off-set the cost of this last minute trip.  We will be spending several days at each of the schools and we will be exploring some options for longer team trips and places to stay really close to the schools.  Please get your small packages ready now if you have not already and send them to:

Bryan Klinchuch
9081 S Shady Willow Cir
Sandy, UT 84093

Remember to try to keep it to a 1 gallon zip lock back and put both your name and the name of your sponsored child on the zip lock bag.  They LOVE photos of you and your families/friends doing every day things.  If you live near Winston Salem, NC and want to drop your package off email us directly and we can provide you with an address to drop it off to.
If you have any questions about what to pack in the ziplock bags, please see below:

We can bring 1 gallon Ziplock bag filled with your gifts and messages to child.  Please try to remember this when buying and filling a package.  If you sponsor a child FULLY then you may fill 2 bags for your child.    Please write your name and the name of your child on the ziplock bag of your package in Sharpie as this makes it easier to sort the packages out while packing them and is easier when we are distributing them.  Here is a list of items that are popular with the kids to receive:
*toothbrush/toothpaste *deodorant and fragrant bar soaps *chapstick, small travel size toiletries, travel sewing kit *chewing gum and individually wrapped candy (NO CHOCOLATE) IT MELTS *Journals, small bibles, trinkets, stickers, coloring books,  crayons *baseball caps, sunglasses, scarves, fun headbands, bracelets *PICTURES of YOU and YOUR FAMILY are the most treasured of all! Please don't forget this!  Weight of bags is IMPORTANT.  Please try to avoid heavy books!

Sponsor Letters:
Yesterday, Tuesday, letters and pictures from your sponsored kids were mailed out to you.  You will get new ones around Christmas after the team comes back home in November.  
Thank you again everyone and we appreciate all your support, love and prayers as we gather and support these amazing and beautiful children in the TMHU program.  

Sincerest Regards,
The TMHU Board

                                                                                                                                 May 2017
Alteryx is a company that leads in self-service data analytics. They have a give-back program called Alteryx for Good and it’s passionate about doing good for worthy, charitable causes. One of their ACE uesers, Andy Moncla, participated in a contest with the company and won a $14,000 prize which Alteryx then donated to Take My Hand Uganda as the charity of his choice! Incredible, don’t you think?
   We want to thank Alteryx (community.alteryx.com) and Andy for this astounding gift which will be graciously invested into the lives and community of vulnerable children and families in Uganda. We are working on plans now that involve the potential of partnering with Hope Vision and expanding and combining their outreach with ours with a new senior school, playing fields, medical post and more. It will be life changing for all involved! Thank you, Alteryx!
Head over to our
Projects Page to find out more and to give towards our goal! 
Sponsors WILL be able to pack and send with the team a gallon-size zip-loc bag for each child that they sponsor. If you FULLY sponsor a child, you may send two bags for that child.
More details to come in our next newsletter. 
                                                                     March 20, 2017
I adore this photo!
Ivan is wearing the hat and blue t-shirt. 

Back row from the left: 
Wilson, Andrew, Noah, Joyce, Phionah, Esther, Alex, Ben, Charles, Elias, and Jolly.

Front row from the left:
Shafra, Queen, Kenneth, Barbara, Sharon, Abraham, Scovia, Emily and Winnie.

Missing Racheal. Diana, Kellen, Sorange
                                                                        March 20, 2017
Most of our senior kids are pictured here but we are missing a few,

Left to right:
Simeon, Charles, Habert, Henry, Janet, Rebecca, Phionah.

Missing Fred, Sylvia
We have a new address!

Take My Hand Uganda
380H Knollwood St,
Ste. 200
Winston Salem, NC 27103
It's almost Christmas in Uganda! This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase a gift for one of the children in our/your care! Follow the link to the Project Page to see exactly how to do that. It's going to be another wonderful celebration for them because of YOU! http://takemyhanduganda.com/projects
It's that time of year to be gearing up for our team trip to Uganda! Dates are tentatively set for late May and early June. A company of six is preparing their hearts and gathering supplies for this all-important mission, where they hope to accomplish much with the days that they have there.
Our goal for this project is $2,500 and we'd love for you to join hands with us! http://takemyhanduganda.com/projects.htm
So excited to welcome two new children into the TMHU family! Janet and Rebbecca were with us in the years before Take My Hand Uganda was born. Sadly, we lost track of them but we never forgot them!
And now God has brought them full circle, back into the fold. Two families have chosen to become their first sponsors with THMU which means they will be able to start school with the other children next week.
This will be life-changing for them and we are overjoyed to be able to bring these teen girls under our wing.
Janet is in the blue on the left and Rebbecca is wearing the blue scarf below. They still need one more sponsor each for us to be able to fully cover their schooling, transport, medical care, uniform, books, etc. Contact us! Be their family!
 Go to the 
Christmas in Uganda photos to see how your love and generosity were put into action!

We have 12 children who are still in need of their second and final sponsor! You can find out more about it on the Sponsorship 101  page and then consider an individual child to support at  I Choose You.

We are selling our first ever TMHU  t-shirts!                                                                                                 July 2017
These shirts say "Love Crosses Oceans" with "Take My Hand Uganda" in smaller letters underneath. The color is royal blue. They are soft, of good quality and supports the team trip coming up in late September! The cost of the shirt is 20 dollars each and the two largest sizes are two dollars extra. 

Shirts come in youth medium and large.
Adult small, medium, large, x large, xx large, xxx large. 
The shirts run a little small so when in doubt, order a size up!

You can also buy a shirt for one of the 33 children in our care! If you are a sponsor just tell us who your child or children are and we will pick the sizes.
Sound good?

We will be taking orders until August 21st! Simply email me at takemyhanduganda@gmail.com to tell us how many you want, in what sizes and your address. Shipping will be extra on orders not in my local area of Hancock or Hagerstown, MD. Once the shirts are in we will estimate your shipping cost and once you pay we will ship your shirts. I will place a paypal button here when the shirts arrive.