Take My Hand Uganda
Opening our hands and hearts to vulnerable families in Uganda. Isaiah 58:10
Gospel-Forward and Life-Giving
Posted on October 18th, 2014

We are headed for Uganda .
And yes, Uganda is on the continent of Africa which is the same continent where the Ebola outbreak is on fire and out of control.  
Keep reading HERE. to help you put things into perspective and hear from someone who experienced first-hand an Ebola outbreak in Uganda. Her article is sensible, wise, "gospel-forward and life-giving."

The team of three representing Take My Hand Uganda will be on our way soon as we respond to the call and the heart God gave us to reach out to this particular corner of the world. 
A tiny dot on the map that has our full attention and sense of urgency and compassion towards.
We represent YOU as well as the heart of Jesus. YOU are an irreplaceable link in the chain that allows us to put action to the call. And we can't really thank you enough for praying and giving and supporting TMHU.

We are down to needing $750.00 in order to make this trip happen with the greatest impact and the farthest reach.  Our deadline for donations for this trip is Sunday,
 October 26. The PROJECT PAGE  will give you an easy way to donate through paypal or credit card. 

Soon we will be on our way and evidence of your giving will begin to show up in the photos we will share with you. We are GRATEFUL to be a part of this ministry and to have you along with us.

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