Take My Hand Uganda
Opening our hands and hearts to vulnerable families in Uganda. Isaiah 58:10
Trust Me
by Julie Hawbaker on March 3rd, 2015

I was curled up by the woodstove yesterday reading the news from all over the world on my ipod.
Eating dry-roasted almonds one after another right out of the bag.

And thinking........always thinking....

I was suddenly shot an unsettling question that demanded an answer.
An arrow that hit the intended target of doubt and fear hidden inside of me.
With all of the madness going on around us in the game of politics, the carnage on the battlefield, warnings of drug-resistant epidemics and glaring evidence of the end times stacking up on my proverbial desk, the questions was this....

What am I DOING here?

I'm pouring my heart and soul  into the lives of twenty-nine children living in poverty a million miles away in a remote village in Uganda.  

Why am I DOING this?

I spend my days sharing with anyone I can about Elias and Shafra and Noah and their ability to sleep on cold, dirt floors and wake up smiling in the morning. I send emails introducing these children and their simple but desperate need for a pair of shoes and a change of clothes.
My desk is full of child packets-in-progress and a calendar waiting for organizations to allow me a few minutes to let them hear more about this mission. I travel, I speak, I work jobs to save up money and I toss and turn at night wondering how hungry they are at that exact moment, or whether or not they are dreaming of the day they can go to school. Wondering how long before God steps in an answers their prayer.

I suddenly felt foolish. 
A slacker on taking up issues that really matter.
Standing there holding an empty bag of futile dreams.

Does any of this really MATTER?

And what am I going to do if it DOESNT?

I began to lose heart right then and there.

Until I asked Him why.

Why them? Why Uganda? Why now?
And He whispered, "Because I asked this of you.
I'm the One who stitched this into your heart long before these children were even born.
You don't need any more reason than that.
Walk in obedience.
Trust me."

Take My Hand Uganda is a small, virtually unseen ministry to a small, but not unseen group of vulnerable, desperate children.
And I am convinced that His plan for their lives goes beyond a pair of shoes and some clean underwear. And His intent on calling you to join me goes beyond thirty-eight dollars every thirty-some-odd-days.

My life has been turned upside down and right-side-up through small but willful acts of obedience to my Father. And I know I would not want it any other way.

Your story may very well gain a whole new chapter when you take the hand of one of these children. God is AS interested in you as He is in that needy child. If you sense a tug towards becoming part of this family, don't miss it. He has a special work that He wants to do in YOUR life through the life of one of these children. 
Go to I Choose You to find out more.

I'll be here catching up on the news while knowing that He simply says, "Walk in obedience. Trust me."


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Kristan Shimpi - March 16th, 2015 at 5:44 PM
Wow Julie, what a powerful blog post. I cannot wait to share the I Choose You info with the girls at Girls TALK this week.
Know that you are making a difference....29 girls at a time!
Julie Hawbaker - March 17th, 2015 at 6:44 AM
I am SO excited that you and your girls are getting involved! This is what it's all about! Having groups and individuals step up and into these children's world. Children who would otherwise be unseen and unheard.That is no longer their story! Thank you!
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