Take My Hand Uganda
Opening our hands and hearts to vulnerable families in Uganda. Isaiah 58:10
The 2019 Summer TEAM TRIP Is Almost Here!
On June 6th, our TMHU team of 11 will head out to our kids, hauling your letters, gifts and packages to your children.  This is one of the most memorable and exciting times for our kids and us. TMHU Board Member Eleanor Meyers will be leading this trip and a lot of planning and raising funds go into the success of this trip.
Here is what you need to REMEMBER:
Sponsor letters and packages need to be sent to this address no later than May 30th to make sure there is enough room and time to pack them.
Please send to:  
TMHU c/o Eleanor Meyers                                                                                        
 2809 Reynolds Dr                                                                                              
 Winston Salem, NC 27104

Sponsor Letters and Packages INSTRUCTIONS: 
We can bring 1 gallon Ziplock bag filled with your gifts and messages to child.  Please try to remember this when buying and filling a package.  If you sponsor a child FULLY then you may fill 2 bags for your child.    Please write your name and the name of your child on the ziplock bag of your package in Sharpie as this makes it easier to sort the packages out while packing them and is easier when we are distributing them.  
Here is a list of items that are popular with the kids to receive: 
*deodorant and fragrant bar soaps
*chapstick, small travel size toiletries, travel sewing kit
*chewing gum and individually wrapped candy (NO CHOCOLATE) IT MELTS 
*Journals, small bibles, trinkets, stickers, coloring books,  crayons
*baseball caps, sunglasses, scarves, headbands, bracelets
*playing cards (UNO, Old Maid, Go Fish etc)
*PICTURES of YOU and YOUR FAMILY are the most treasured of all! Please don't forget this!  

Weight of bags is IMPORTANT.  Please try to avoid heavy books! 

PLEASE NOTE:  TMHU Mailing Address changed
Our mail box service provider went out of business and we had to set up a new mail service account.  Please send your checks and future mail to our new address.  
Take My Hand Uganda
380H Knollwood St.
Ste. 200

Winston Salem, NC 27103

                                                                                                                                                   July 2017 
Here is what your sponsorship, prayers and donations can do for the children of Take My Hand Uganda.
Soranje, one of our teens, was having trouble seeing the chalkboard in school and was falling behind in her classes. She was desperate for help and was brave enough and comfortable enough to tell someone. 
   Our hard working volunteer staff in Uganda wrote to us explaining the situation and because of YOU we were able to get her to an eye doctor for her first pair of glasses! 
I haven't heard yet what her reaction was to being able to see, but hopefully we can get a word on that.
   We are ever so grateful to have an army of generous, servant-hearted people that have joined hands with us to show the heart of Jesus towards these amazing kids.
Thank you!
Take My Hand Uganda *** Spring Newsletter 2017
Dear TMHU Sponsors and Friends,

 Happy Spring Everyone!
 Did you know that Uganda is in the middle of their rainy season right now? It rains A LOT from March through May and then another rainy season happens from October to November. Their hottest months are December, January and February. Their school year is also different than ours here in the U.S. Classes are in session for three months at a time and it looks like this: School is in session from January to March. April is a month off. School begins again from May to July. August is a month off. School wraps up from September to November. December is a month off.
   So the kids were off for the month of April and back home with their beloved Pastor Peter and his wife. Their living conditions have been vastly improved with the new home that we were able to build, thanks to you! No more dirt floors or cramped and crowded sleeping areas and this building is not at risk of going up in flames. The roof is made of metal and the doors and windows have been in for some time now. Our next phase for this particular project will be to paint the interior and purchase new beds!
   You’ve probably noticed by now that one of the photos of your sponsored child might include them holding a banner that says “Alteryx”. There was a communication mix-up with our volunteers in Uganda when we asked for a group photo of the kids holding this banner. They instead thought we wanted EACH CHILD to hold it and have their picture taken! But we do have exciting news when it comes to the name Alteryx.
   Alteryx is a company that leads in self-service data analytics. They have a give-back program called Alteryx for Good and it’s passionate about doing good for worthy, charitable causes. One of their ACE uesers, Andy Moncla, participated in a contest with the company and won a $14,000 prize which Alteryx then donated to Take My Hand Uganda as the charity of his choice!! Incredible, don’t you think?
   We want to thank Alteryx (community.alteryx.com) and Andy for this astounding gift which will be graciously invested into the lives and community of vulnerable children and families in Uganda. We are working on plans now that involve the potential of partnering with Hope Vision and expanding and combining their outreach with ours with a new senior school, playing fields, medical post and more. It will be life changing for all involved and we give God the glory for being our ultimate Provider and leader in this mission.
Christmas 2016
   Christmas in Uganda was full of laughter and great excitement thanks to YOU! Ivan and Fred, God bless them, spent hours in town searching for and choosing new outfits and shoes for each individual child. They pretty much had to guess on sizes and they did a fantastic job! New clothes and shoes for these children are greatly anticipated and enjoyed.
   Ivan and Fred told me that the the girls helped peel matooke (starchy bananas) as part of their big feast and the boys fetched lots of water and cut the meat up into sizable portions. They said the cutting and serving of the massive cake was the crowning moment of their celebration.
   Ivan wrote, “The kids were so joyous and some showed it by the shedding of tears. It was a glorious moment and they were so glad that they failed to control their smiles! After everything , there was writing of the letters to thank their sponsors for making them feel so special. They really sent their heartfelt gratitude. The day ended in style.”
St. Francis
   We recently moved the senior high kids to a different school because we were not satisfied with the education and opportunities that they were receiving. St. Francis is turning out to be a great choice for them and was guided by our Ugandan friends on the ground. It is better organized and eclectic in the education department with ample playing fields and much better boarding conditions. I think around 14 of our kids attend St. Francis now and the rest are at Hope Vision Primary.
   We will be doing a mailing of letters from you, the sponsors, to Uganda on May 28th. Please do write a letter for your sponsored child or children and mail it to our new address at TMHU, 3320 Robinhood Rd. #329, Winston Salem, NC 27106.
   Make sure you write the name of your sponsored child on the outside of the envelope and include only lightweight items such as your letter, stickers and photos. May 8th is your deadline to get these to us for mailing!
We Need More Sponsors!
   There are currently eleven children in our care who need a second sponsor and one child, Noah, who has no sponsor at all. Would you share this need with your friends and family so that all of the kids can gladly boast that they are fully sponsored and so this ministry will be fully funded in providing their school fees, transport, basic medical care and more? You can find out more about each child on our website or you can email us for more information at takemyhanduganda@gmail.com.
   We SO appreciate each one of you. Your heart for the kids,  generosity in giving and patience with us as we strive to improve our communication with you and the care of the children. We love you and can’t fully express how important you are in this ministry. Consider yourself hugged!
   Near the end of September, we will be taking a team trip to Uganda with eight days on the ground to personally reconnect with the kids in various ways and meet with our Uganda partners to learn more about the best way forward in this mission. Our team is small but the need is great! We’ve set up a project on the Take My Hand Uganda website and have set a goal to raise $3,200 by September 11th, 2017. These funds will be used for art supplies, sports equipment, in-country travel, lodging and food and additional school supplies (and underwear) for the kids. It’s a big goal for an even bigger God!
   Go to our website at takemyhanduganda.com and then to the Projects Page. There you will find an easy way to donate and help us reach our goal. Or you can mail your gift to the address above! We will be doing some local fundraisers here in Maryland and if you decide to do a fundraiser, take pictures and let us know what you did so that we can highlight it in an upcoming newsletter and on our FB page and website!                         This is a terrific project to get kids involved with and you can focus in on raising funds for sports equipment or art and school supplies or even underwear if you want a more refined cause. A car wash, yard sale, walk-a-thon or bake sale are some great ideas to get your creative mind moving!
Send a Gift with Us!
   If you sponsor a child you are encouraged to send a gallon sized zip-loc bag with the team, packed with gifts for your child. You may pack one bag for each child you sponsor. Please do not include candy that melts or any heavy objects. These bags are so much fun to fill with things like coloring books, markers, hard candy, playing cards or games, match box cars, inexpensive jewelry, hats, small pocket book, bag or coin purse, small and light-weight devotional, socks, stuffed animal, mirror, photo book, bouncy balls stickers or even a watch. Carefully and prominently label your bag with your sponsored child’s name and your name! Have fun with this and mail it to THIS ADDRESS by August 31st!
Julie Hawbaker
14128 Orchard Ridge Rd
Hancock, MD 21750
  Thanks for reading and for sharing and praying! Look for updates on our website and on the FB page and please do invite your friends to “like” us, there.
With much love and many thanks,
Julie Hawbaker